Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The problem with blogging and other random thoughts

So, I have started blogs before.  And, every time I have the same problem.  I spend too much time thinking about what I should write about.  So, when I should be falling asleep (and, it is always already too late when I get that point in my day), I start thinking about what I'll write about.  I want it to be interesting and clever and relevant and blah, blah, blah.  But, honestly, I'm interesting on occasion and clever in fits and starts.  Consistency is a tough one.  And, now that I have that out of the way, I can get back to the topic of the day... which I thought of in the wee hours and has now totally left my brain.  Feh.

Now I am back to wondering what to write about.  Oh, wait!  Now I remember....

So, we like to refer to Ryan as being "incident prone" - not exactly accidents, but more incidents.  And, unfortunately I am nearly certain that Jasper has inherited that trait from his father.  This poor kid needs to work on his prat fall skills so he can land better during any of the numerous tumbles he takes every day.  On Monday I was I the shower when I heard the crying start... and Jasper doesn't cry often - not like that.  So, a moment later, in he comes in his papa's arms, a blood-covered paper towel at his mouth.  Big tears rolled down his cheeks as he sniveled.  Tripping over his own feet, he did a face plant on the kitchen floor and took a nice chunk out of his top lip.  So, eventually he stopped looking like he would fall apart and went back to playing with trucks, fat lip and all.  The follow-up to that performance was last night at bedtime.  Heading to the stairs, he again tripped over his own feet and went face first into the edge of one of the (thankfully) carpeted stairs.  Lots of crying and tears ensued as did a large welt across his eyebrow. On the plus side, there was no blood.  And, those are just the falls with visible injuries.  (Insert his mama's audible sighing here.)

Today we decided to go for a walk.... and as it has been a good solid 6 weeks since we have been able to get out, I had forgotten how literal kids become as they gain more language skills.  So, taking a walk to Jasper meant to him that he was going to get to walk, so when I put him in the stroller, he wasn't very happy about it and let me know.  I hope no one heard him... you would have thought I was trying to set him on fire, not buckle him into a stroller!  So, now I must remember we are going for a stroll...

In other exciting news, the empty house next door to us seems to finally be sold (the sign is gone, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it isn't just going to Sheriff sale for the 2nd time).  It has been empty since October of 2009 and I hope whoever has purchased it is A) a good neighbor and B) fixes the darn place up!  I don't want to live next door to "those" neighbors again... we did at our last house and, little did we know when we bought this house, we did here too.  I'd like some nice neighbors, who have a little pride in ownership.  Maybe some folks who understand that neighbors work, have kids, try to respect each other, don't steal produce out of other people's gardens... you know, stuff like that.  Okay, that is all I will say about that until I see some life forms over there that aren't marsupials.

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Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side - have you heard the expression "rub some dirt in it"? The more the kids falls over, the sturdier he'll be. I should know... Hah.

~ H