Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can you feel the Spring?

My seeds came, which is very exciting to me.  I am officially tired of Winter, a season that I don't dislike at all, but this one has been long and wearing on everyone here. Toddlers are like wild animals in a cage some days. They just want to be set free. Anyway, as I was saying, the seeds arrived. It is like a little taste of Spring in a box, looking at the beautiful pictures on the packages, promising great things in the Summer. There are onions, beets, tomatoes, flowers, some herbs, lettuce, cucumbers, snap peas, and more. I love it when such joy and promise can be held in such a small box. Clearly, the UPS man didn't understand my enthusiasm.

At any rate, today I wait for the sun to come out so the boy and I can get in a walk before the next round of snow comes.  I finished up the bulk of a work project yesterday, so I can breathe a sigh of relief and do something a little more fun today.  I am sewing, trying to catch up on the projects that have been put aside for too long.  Two quilts that are very long overdue gifts are nearly done.   And, I stare out the kitchen window at my barren garden beds and dream of the day - not too far off - they will once again be green and growing.

Even the snowy iciness of yesterday didn't feel like that biting cold of Winter. It had that damp feeling that comes just before Spring starts creeping in.  I even have a few bulbs that have dared to push their little green tips up, as if testing the wind.  They'd be wise to take a nap for another week yet! 

No more waxing poetic about the coming of Spring... I have projects to finish!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Sure made me think that Spring is right around the corner! Can't wait to stop by ... just having difficulties figuring out when. I'm crazy busy and I want to get my workload to a somewhat normal level before I fly home on the 24th. Want me to look for some Lederhosen for the little man?
Hugs! Gabriele