Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Krengel's toddler dictionary

In the interest of amusing myself, I thought I would compile a list of my favorite "Jasperisms."  I know, as he gets older and gets more words, he will fill our ears with all kinds of delightful phrases (insert my snickering here as I think about all the hilarious things my friends' children have uttered).  However, for now, we have mostly single words.  And, lots of them.  But, here are just a few of my personal favorites.  Also, note that I have spelled them as he says them.

REEEEEEEAAAAD (read): Clearly, he is his mother's son.
soutsieee (outside): A favorite word that is usually accompanied by him trying to put a hat on or bringing a jacket to me.
cah (car): This was his first word where we knew he understood what he was saying because he was pointing at a passing car.
cah-cah (truck):  This should not be confused with "ka-ka," which is something entirely different.  No matter how many times we say "truck," he says "cah-cah."  Yet, he says "bus."  Mysterious little brains they have...
'boose (caboose):  Okay, I guess he is his father's child too.  He really loves trains, but loves the cabooses the best.  He goes through all of the train magazines his papa has given him looking for the "'boose."  Of course, half the time (or more) he is pointing the the engines enthusiastically declaring "'boose!" but we can let that slide.
bess you (bless you):  Any sneeze, cough, nose blowing, or loud throat clearing will get you a sweet "bess you" from our boy.  It is seriously cute.
gain (again):  Anything he likes or wants more of, he says "gain."  It is usually when you are tickling him or chasing him or doing something he finds silly or funny when he demands this.  However, it may also follow letting him have a drink of your lemonade at lunch.
Jassus (Jasper):  Yes, it does sound a lot like Jesus, which is amusing in and of itself.  But, it is never said alone.  Apparently, it only comes in a set with mama and papa.  So, he points to each of us and recites our titles:  Mama, Papa, (then turning the finger to himself) Jassus."  He rarely will say it without announcing who we are too, which is very endearing.
moogo (milk):  This one is part of a collection of words ending in K, but is one of my favorites of the group because it seems so silly and random, yet it makes sense.  For some reason, he adds an extra syllable to words that end with K.  So, in addition to "moogo," we also hear "sock-uh," "fork-uh," and the recent addition is "book-o."  Cute and curious.

He has a bevvy of animal sounds too, which I couldn't even begin to try to translate here... it just wouldn't do them justice.  In the meantime, we just continue to chuckle and be amazed at how his brain works.

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