Sunday, February 27, 2011

My blog is pretty dull...

If you didn't think it already, your brain is just being polite.  I realize it is not a terribly exciting blog, but alas, my life is actually rather mundane.  That, however, doesn't translate to bad.  I think my life is quite lovely for the most part.

Now that the doldrums are out in the open, I'll move on to my day.  I planted seeds.  This is very big excitement.  I planted about 50 peat pots of Cipollini onion seeds (I recently learned that onions started from seed bolt much less quickly than those started from sets in case this is of interest to you).  I also planted about 20 peat pots of pink Baby's Breath, and another 25 of Globe Amaranth.  I will get to the Poppies, Lemon Bee Balm, and one other flower whose name is escaping me right now later this afternoon.  I actually dreamed about calloused hands last night.  I think it is just because mine seem to have vanished as a result of slathering lotion on little legs, arms, and cheeks all winter long.  That little boy's skin gets dry!

I will impatiently wait for things to sprout and the nearly 10(!) weeks until we pass the last frost date.  On the bright side, I should have some early bloomers and the onions will be ready in July! 

I'm off to bake some Scones while house is quieted by napping.


Haje Jan Kamps said...

Hey, I quite like an insight in people's lives!

Hopeann Hintz said...

July seems so far away... but yet again... coming too soon.